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I am encoutering an error scenarion while using the Rich Search feature. Here are the details:

In Rich Search pane, against "Search Attributes" there is a blank space ; but when i try to search for any attribute other than the Primary key it displays an message like: "Find cannot locate this attribute in the list of attributes". However, i am able to get the search result for any indexed attributes using "Advanced" tab.


But my question is:


Is the space against the "Search Attributes" tab is only meant to be used for searching promary key ? and is it mentioned somewhere in the info center?

Am i moving in any wrong direction during the searching?





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    Re: Rich Search


    No, that is not how the product is designed. You should be able to search for all indexed attributes and even non indexed ones if you are on version 10.0.0 FP1 or later.

    The reason you can not see other indexed/non indexed attributes is probably because you are using the default view which includes only the primary key. If you define and use a catalog view which includes additional attributes, and then perform this search again, then you will see the rest of the attributes listed in the drop down.