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Pinned topic Use dxl to terminate edit mode of an object attribute

‏2014-04-04T21:52:21Z | trigger triggers

I can easily employ the following code to determine if any attribute of the current object is being edited.

Module m = current Module
Object o = current Object
if (inplaceEditing(m)""=="true") then print "attribute in current object is being edited\n"

But, once such a condition is detected, how can I have the dxl cancel the edit mode of the attribute?

In the grand scheme of things, I'm looking to use a trigger to prevent modification of an attribute of a given object based upon the contents of another attribute of that object.  If the 'pre' trigger event for attributes were implemented in DOORS 9.4, I would be able to prevent entering edit mode; but it's not.  Therefore, I need to use the 'post' trigger event to deny the modification. 



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