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‏2016-11-15T17:38:50Z | dfdl

I require my output file to trim the spaces which are there in the element xyz,

I used the below in dfdl xsd , however it is not working and still having spaces. Please help..

<dfdl:nilKind="literalValue" dfdl:nilValue="%ES;" dfdl:useNilForDefault="yes" ibmDfdlExtn:sampleValue="value9" minOccurs="0" name="xyz" nillable="true" type="xsd:string" dfdl:textTrimKind="padChar" dfdl:textStringPadCharacter="%SP;" />

  • fjb_saper
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    Re: DFDL Trim Space


    If you defined xyz as fixed length you're out of luck.

    You did not show the definition for the length of the element...

  • kimbetr
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    Re: DFDL Trim Space


    The DFDL textTrimKind property is for parsing only. The specification clearly states that.

    You need the 'truncateSpecifiedLengthString' property ( please use Google for details ).