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Pinned topic Possible to show WBS Table in expanded state on page load?

‏2019-04-14T01:48:35Z | wbs

Is the a way to show the WBS  tree table in a expanded state by default on page load ?

We would link to show the table entries in the expanded state.

Thanks in Advance,

Muthu Kumar


  • BruceJMacIsaac
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    Re: Possible to show WBS Table in expanded state on page load?


    This requires creating a customized skin as describer here, and making changes to the javascript file that controls how that table is displayed.

    IBM lab services or qualified partners can do this for you as a services engagement, or you can study the code yourself and make appropriate changes.

    I did some experimenting.  The applicable skin file that controls this tables display is ActivityTreeTable.js .

    There is a variable at the top called DEFAULT_EXPAND_LEVEL which implies that if you increase the number from 0, it will expand the levels.  However, it didn't work when I tried increasing the number.  It did change the icon to a "-" implying that the level was expanded, but the child nodes did not display.  So this needs further debugging.

    Let me know if you have an interest in hiring someone to do this work, and I can look into that for you.