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Pinned topic How to supress FDC files creating by MQ Client ?

‏2016-11-14T09:52:55Z | client mqclient websphere websphere; webspheremq;

In my Weblogic Cluster(AdminServer, OSB-MS1, OSB-MS2) environment, I could find the  "/FFDC" folder under "<<OSB_DOMAIN_HOME>> "  in which  N number of "*.FDC" (JMSxxxxxx.FDC) files getting generated.


As per initial analysis, I understood that

IBM MQ Client which is installed in our box is generating this .FDC log files whenever any failure event occurs while establishing connection from WebLogic to IBM MQ.

This .FDC log file contains most of the information which required for IBM MQ troubleshooting.


Though these .FDC files are useful to find root cause of the MQ error,  we do get relevant log information from OSB Server log as well when MQ connection error occurs. Moreover these .FDC log takes more disk space in terms of GB which needs to be suppressed from my end.

By the way, good thing is when we resolve the connection issue, no more .FDC log files found. But, still like to know how to suppress creating these .FDC files by MQ Client.


If any one knows how to block this .FDC log file generation from MQ Client, please assist me with your inputs.





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