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Pinned topic Restore corrupt Log without fsck -y?

‏2014-05-16T05:58:25Z |

Is there a way to restore a corrupt log device that keeps the filesystem from being mounted without running "mmfsck -y"? 

When trying to mount we get (in mmfs.log):

Fri May 16 07:51:25.826 2014: Log recovery failed.
Fri May 16 07:51:25.827 2014: Failed to open gpfs1.

The reason we don't want to run "mmfsck -y" is that we have more than 5460 problems and would prefer the more controlled approach of "mmfsck -n" + "tsfindinodes" + analysis + manual cleanup (if we could just get it to mount).

We've tried to run mmfsck interactively answering yes to reset the log the noall (did not help)

We have an active PMR, this is just trying every channel before giving up and running "mmfsck -y"



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    Re: Restore corrupt Log without fsck -y?


    One can always run mmfsck in the interactive mode (without specifying either -n or -y), and answer each repair question individually.  It would be a bad idea to only delete the logs and not perform other repairs though.  The log serves a vital purpose: restoring metadata consistency after a crash.  If a log is simply deleted without replay, most of the time it'll mean that some file system metadata is in an inconsistent state, and the only way to restore consistency is to do a full scan and repair all problems found, i.e. run mmfsck -y.