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Pinned topic How to get Subversion working with RMC

‏2019-01-21T15:03:07Z | subversion

I've managed to install RMC trial version fine and am now going through some of the basics to understand how to use the tool assess whether it can do what we want.


The issue I currently have is how do I integrate RMC with Subversion?  I have found this link which indicates it is possible, however the plugin versions suggest the article is a little out of date and I'm wondering if it is still supported or requires specific versions of plugins/RMC to work?  I've downloaded subclipse and tried to configure the tool so that Subversion appears in the RMC perspectives but not having much joy.  Has anyone managed to get Subversion working and if so do you have some steps I could follow?


We are a small team ~7 people and want to co-develop within the tool and plan to use Subversion to host the RMC files.  However, I have read this article which suggests that Web Authoring is on its way which may also help.  Is this the beginnings of the tool being migrated into the cloud?


Thanks, Mark


  • BruceJMacIsaac
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    Re: How to get Subversion working with RMC


    You can always get a report on compatible software from here: https://www.ibm.com/software/reports/compatibility/clarity/softwareReqsForProduct.html  .

    I recommend using Rational Team Concert (RTC) for version control.  That's what we use, and when combined with the additional integrations that RTC has with Method Composer, that provides the best overall solution.  However, if you just want vanilla version control, you can use any of the following:

    Rational ClearCase    8.0.1
    Subclipse    4.2.3
    Subversion    1.8
    Subversive    1.0.0

    If  you have difficulties with any of the above versions, let me know and I'll see what we can do to help you out.

    The latest release of RMC has a tech preview of web based authoring.  Yes, these are initial steps towards RMC on the cloud.