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Pinned topic Map to Business Object Conversion in IBM BPM 8.5.7

‏2019-07-16T22:39:05Z | serialization


Is there any way to convert a Map to BO.

for example - I have a Map with following elements.

tw.local.resultMapList=new tw.object.listOf.Map();

tw.local.resultMapList[0]=new tw.object.Map();
tw.local.resultMapList[0].put("TKIID", "1234");
tw.local.resultMapList[0].put("TAD_DISPLAY_NAME", "Test Subject");
tw.local.resultMapList[0].put("PRIORITY", 30);


I want a BO to be created with variables TKIID, TAD_DISPLAY_NAME, PRIORITY automatically.

Do you know if there is any simpler process.





  • Atanu
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    Re: Map to Business Object Conversion in IBM BPM 8.5.7


    Why don't you use a list of complex object to store the task details, list of Map is not really a good idea.


     - Atanu Roy

  • AndrewPaier
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    Re: Map to Business Object Conversion in IBM BPM 8.5.7


    I agree with @Atanu in that I really dislike using untyped variables unless absolutely necessary.  It makes it very difficult for the next person enhancing the solution to understand the details of what is going on, and, in the long term can create a significant problem.

    That having been said, a long time ago there was a data type in the System Data Toolkit called a "Record" which was really under the covers just a name/value pair.  If I remember correctly, if you created the Record so that the members exactly matched a BO's members you could cast one to the other.  However, if you are already writing code that hard codes the member names (per your example), I'm not sure what is gained by avoiding the use of an actual Business Object.

    -Andrew Paier