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How can I add ports and lollipop interfaces to a component? All I managed to do is link components to interfaces using dependency or realization in a component diagram, not lillipop and no ports. If I try to add a port to a component in a class diagram I get the error message "Port cannot be attached to Component".

It should be possible according to the UML 2.0 standard which Rhapsody supports, right?

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    Re: How to add ports to a component



    I also see the same message you mentioned above. Looked like this is the limitation in current Rhapsody.

    Though Rhapsody is known as UML modeling tool based on UML 2.0 standard, it doesn't  mean Rhapsody has implemented all the features from UML 2.0 specification.

    In Rhapsody, component diagram looks like this way, you can try to submit product enhancement request via RFE community site.

    But if you creating a SysMl model, you could use block element to represent system component conception and add different types of port against block.