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Pinned topic chmaster for obsolete lock

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we have site A where there was crash and site B was mastered for that.

now we are in process of transferring the mastership of all the object of vobs which where at site A.

we did for most of the vob but we have couple of vob at site A which have lock with -obsolete(permanent lock).

now of such type of vob when doing chmaster -all -obsolete_replica doing from site B it complain for such type of vob telling cannot do this since

this vob has cannot write operation on this vob at site B since it is obsolete.


Is there any way i can force this obsolete lock to get unlock any command or  db file  in vob which can allow me to change this





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    Re: chmaster for obsolete lock



    I suggest you raise a PMR to get help from Rational Client Support for this. I don't expect there is a "simple" solution and shall have to provide some detailed data in order to resolve it.

    Start by sending the exact command where you see the process breakdown, with its complete error output.