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Pinned topic How to import a new file from AIX into existing project

‏2013-07-08T09:34:18Z |

I have a project of C files created in RDp. Now I want to add a template file to the project. This file resides on remote AIX system. Closest method I could find was to do this

File -> Import -> Remote File Systems -> Browse to the folder.

Here I could not see all the files. Only files with .sh extension got listed. RDp was not able to list other files with different custom extensions. My file was dlmake.template

So I tried ftp option. In ftp it takes a folder as input and transfers the complete folder. So again I had no option to get a single file from remote system. Finally, I ftped the complete folder, around 40 files.

Strangely, import option started displaying all the files after that. Is there a known bug for this issue?