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Pinned topic Cognos - How to pass a Calculated Member/Measure to a Drill-thru Target Report

‏2013-07-11T21:38:25Z | 8 bi cognos drill-thru drillthru report studio

In Cognos Report Studio, has anyone ever passed a parameter value from a Calculated Member or Measure in a Source report to a drill-thru (Target) report and been able to receive that value and consume it in order to generate the target report?

I have a Source report (a chart actually) that goes against a cube that was working fine pulling Student Count by Timeframe by Risk Level which I was asked to change to provide the % of Students that were High, Medium or Low Risk by Timeframe. In order to provide %'s, I created 3 tuples, one each for Student, High Risk; Student, Medium Risk & Student, Low Risk and then also created 3 data items in which I divided "Student, High Risk" by overall Student Count in order to get the percent of High Risk students (same for Medium, etc). I then dragged those three calculated members into my line graph chart Series to provide three different lines with data points by timeframe.

Well, the Source report looks great but now when I try to select one of the data points and drill-thru to the target report to show which students are behind that data point, it runs but prompts me for the Risk Level. Obviously, the Source report is passing a calc'd value/parameter that has the same name (High, Medium or Low) but is not related to Risk Level in the Target report. (Any quick way to verify exactly what it is passing btw?)

Any idea how to do this? The drill-thru definitions in the Source report do not display my 3 calc'd members.

Alternatively, does anyone know how to point Risk Level in my target report to maybe accept the Caption from the Source report--since it is passing the same Caption Names (of High, Medium Low)?

Risk Level is a dimension that has three members High, Medium and Low, in case I haven't said it.

A big THANK YOU to anyone that can help or provide alternatives!