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‏2014-03-28T20:12:59Z |

Open questions related to the Scaled Agile Framework (SAFe). Note that there is an active discussion forum in this SAFe open community where most Scaled Agile thought leaders contribute.

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    Re: Open Questions - SAFe


    I have a question on the new SAFe template in v6.0 of the CLM tools. I noticed that there are two work item types missing from the SCRUM side of the template: the Adoption Item, and the Track Build Item. The Adoption Item, I could see how it could be replaced with SAFe constructs. However, the Track Build Item is valuable in the sense of tracking issues with the build environment that are neither task or defect specific. It is a type of tracking that is too granular to be a SAFe Risk item (certainly too granular for any Program work item). Is this is an oversight, or is there a logic process I have not thought of for its absence?