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Pinned topic problem in generating .apt_generated files for JAXWS webservice

‏2014-02-26T07:58:18Z | rad webservices websphere

Dear All,

I am facing a very strange issue while developing webservice using RAD 9.0 version, the stubs files are not being when using prepare for deployment command available in J2EE menu when you right click on EJB project. Same webservice is working fine with RAD 7.5.5 but when i imported the source code, it stopped working because of these stubs.


1: My question is why these stubs/proxy files are not being generated. Is there any difference between RAD 7.0 to RAD 9.0 for this specific command.??

2: Does these proxy files are required for JAX-WS webservice.?


<path id="lib.path">
        <pathelement location="${was.home}/deploytool/itp/plugins/**/*.jar"/>

<taskdef name="wsdeploy"
        <classpath refid="lib.path"/>

is not working as its complaining that this particular file is not present. I have already checked the different combination for classpath enteries.

Please help me.