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Pinned topic is no rebind on migration technically feasible?

‏2013-05-14T11:28:48Z |

At migration time (say 9.5 to 10.1) the static packages are marked invalid. 

So a rebind has to be done either before application usage ore at runtime.

This has 2 drawbacks:

           - access plan can change at migration if APREUSE is not set

            - rebind all can take too much time 

Does the design allow to leave the package unchanged and is a manner of being sure it is 'supported'? 

Or could there be something between:  a tool scanning the packages of 9.5 and reporting those that (for some reason) must be rebound?


Bernard Dhooghe


PS: Auto-rebind at runtime is not an option, it's transaction boundary being the same as the application transaction boundary. 




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    Re: is no rebind on migration technically feasible?


    Remark: apreuse only possible from 9.7