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Pinned topic Content-Type when the input is non-xml

‏2013-05-17T15:10:29Z | content-type request rule

Hi Hermann,

I have a small requirement to expose REST APIs on DataPower providing AAA, logging and SLM features on the URIs.

I have setup MPGW with non-xml as request and response types. 

On request rule, i defined AAA, SLM, custom xsl for routing and injecting some http headers actions. If the client sends a GET request without content-type HTTP header, results action is inserting it as text/xml.

I have seen an article from IBM to get rid of Results action however thats on Response rule. when i try to delete Results action, its not allowing me to do so and inserting a default results actions. Is there a way to eliminate DP injecting this ? 

Thanks very much in advance.