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Pinned topic Admin UI not working

‏2013-07-16T08:03:05Z | admin liberty profile ui


I followed instructions from IBM page for Admin UI installation. When I start the application I receive log message:

"[ERROR   ] CWWKS9113E: The SSL port is not active. The incoming http request cannot be redirected to a secure port. Check the server.xml file for configuration errors. The https port may be disabled. The keyStore element may be missing or incorrectly specified. The SSL feature may not be enabled. ".


Anyone has any idea how to solve this?

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    Re: Admin UI not working


    I've managed to fix the error by adding the text below to server.xml:

    <keyStore id="defaultKeyStore" password="{xor}MzY9Oi0rJg==" />


    Error message is gone but now it only displays empty page at https://localhost:9443/uitechpreview/toolbox/uiLogin.jsp.