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Pinned topic Condition filtering on List tab

‏2018-05-18T05:08:16Z | maximo7.5

Is it possible to show entries in select list based on value in another field. (see attached)


When affected asset is selected as NHH .. then in affected asset location it should show only location relevant to NHH 

While this can be easily done using table domain in main tab but has any one tried this on list tab. It doesn't seem to be working on list tab (unless the user performs a search then it shows the values which basically isnt useful)

  • StevenShull
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    Re: Condition filtering on List tab


    Unfortunately no. Table domains (or even automation scripts with a Retrieve List launch point) can't access values from other fields on the list tab or Advanced Search dialogs. This is because there's not a proper MBO record to retrieve the value from the other field.

    There are tools like TRM Rules Manager that can be added to Maximo that extend the product and makes this possible.