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Pinned topic can't insert OLE object into DOORS

‏2013-06-05T16:21:43Z |

I know this is a DOORS question, but I get great support from this forum so I'm taking a shot.

I input a lot of OLE objects into DOORS but occasionally I encounter a situation wherein the image will appear, stay for a brief period of time, and then disappear. The image space will remain -- it's tangible -- but it will be blank. I have to delete it and try and try again. Sometimes -- I think it's when I'm using the Copy & Paste Special method -- I'll get the error message Unable to obtain OLE interface. Whether I get the message or not, though, I can't get the OLE object to "stick."

Anybody know what's going on?

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    Re: can't insert OLE object into DOORS


    Very strange and what a coincidence. We saw this for the first time Friday afternoon. You see the image then when you scroll away from it and don't get it back but what we see is that it is still there. Save and quit the module, then open it again and you will see it again. Looks like some display feature and may be related to the number/size of OLEs (inserted?) in the module. TBC.