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‏2013-07-03T08:49:29Z | 6.0 access isim request
Hi Experts,


   I'm a new developer in ISIM project. Now we're getting the requirement from the customer as following
1. The manager can request role-base, access or account for their team.
2. In requesting, ISIM must show only role-base, access and account that they invoked
We designed to use ACI making the manager can see only manage user view but we want to know how to make the manager can see only their team in manage user.
And then, after the manager can see only their team in manage user, how to specify the role-base, access and account in requesting process.
For example
1. The user is in Finance
2. The user's manager want to add the new role-base to the user in their team.
3. The manager search and see only role-base in Finance
For now, we found that, when the managers request the new role-base for their team, they can search all of role-base in the organization.
Please help us to find out the solution.


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    Re: Problem in ISIM Project #Plz Helpz Me ...


    Are your role created at base organization level? Did you check the ACI protection category "statuc organizational role"