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Pinned topic Slow performance creating TAM ACL with Java Administration API

‏2013-09-06T23:12:37Z | #acl #java #security #tam

Hi everyone,

Im developing a java app using the Tivoli Access Manager Administration Java API. Im trying to supply the Policy Director with ACL and Protected Objects  where I have to use the PDACL.createAcl() method: Here is the method call

PDAcl.createAcl(ctxt, aclname, "ACL DWZ", userHash, groupHash, anyother, null, null, msgs);


userHash: hashmap<String, PDAclEntryUser>
groupHash: hashmap<String, PDAclEntryGroup>
anyother: PDAclEntryAnyOther object

Both hash maps have about 100 elements. There is no problem creating the ACL but the process is very slow, it lasts about 3 minutes for every ACL but if I skip supplying users to the acl, it lasts 5-10 seconds.

Do you have any idea if there is  a process where I could improve the supplying performance?

Sorry if I'm not very clear, my english is not that good!

Thanks :D