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Pinned topic Convert Bandwidth into Flows per Minute

‏2015-06-26T10:26:53Z |

QFlow supports 50000 flows per minute, so If I had to achieve total of 50,000 flows what is the bandwidth requirement to produce this number because network devices produce traffic in Gbps,Mbps e.t.c? Is there a formula for this,(To convert bandwidth into flows for Qflow) 

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    Re: Convert Bandwidth into Flows per Minute


    Have you checked the Link Utilization widget on System Monitoring Dashboard? It shows you the no. of bytes for the physical interface

    You can also estimate the bandwidth from NetFlows using the below link: 


    For QFlow the above calculator would not work b/c you might have set a high value for content capture in QFlow configurations from Deployment editor and the above calculator might be calculating keeping in view the fixed size of NetFlow packets or records/packet.