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Pinned topic Disable any text conversions by Windows client - possible?

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I'd like to totally disable conversions (or "translations") of any files by Windows client.

There is a per-work area option "Translate new lines in ASCII files",  but no similar option for View command.

It is damn confusing when files opened in View do not match same files on a network share, because of added CR/LF cruft.

Is there any patch or hack that makes Synergy client behave just like on Unix?

We live in 21th century. WIndows now is not what it was in days of yore. All decent text editors, compare/merge  tools etc. perfectly understand Unix format. No more Win95 in the field, no DOS... It's time to say goodbye to text conversions.

-- dd

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    Re: Disable any text conversions by Windows client - possible?

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    Unfortunately there is no universal ascii translation switch for the Windows client. Synergy will display text files in the format native to the client you're using. When you view a file that's not in a local work area Synergy will copy the source to your local temp directory and display it.  When the database server is on UNIX/Linux, ASCII files will always be translated to the Windows format when being copied from the server.  The only place you can override this is in an individual work area, as you pointed out. 
    For more information on the ASCII translation work area setting, see