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Pinned topic FreeBSD on the Power(PC) architecture

‏2012-02-19T02:49:09Z |
 I'm a user of FreeBSD on the Power(PC) architecture and have a few questions.
Will the full documentation of the CPU internals along with the GCC release be made available in full to FreeBSD?
Are there any IBM developers working with FreeBSD on the Power(PC) architecture?
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    Re: FreeBSD on the Power(PC) architecture

    To my knowledge, IBM does not have a focused effort on FreeBSD for Power.  However, there might be some folks dabbling in their free time.
    With respect to gcc, all of IBM's contributions for PowerLinux are available via the FSF source trees.  While we don't test and/or make it available on FreeBSD, it certainly ought to be helpful to your endeavors.
    Additionally, you likely find the Detailed Links wiki page to be quite helpful.  The "Reference Information" section at the top, has a sub-section titled "Development Resources" that contains several links that should be helpful.