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‏2014-07-15T10:33:25Z | appscan appscan-source error namespace


Checking the project, I get the following error message:

07/15/14 11:32:45 - Skipping file OctTree.cpp due to error: "Z:\APPSCAN\OpenGLControl_sourcecode\OpenGLCtrlDemo\OctTree.h", line 6: error:
          name must be a namespace name
          using namespace System;

Then, as the namespace failed to be used in all other methods gives error. I used, a normal scan. I do not understand why you can not find the built-in namespace.

Using programs: AppScanSource for Analysis, Visual Strudio 2010 Premium.

If someone has any idea to solve the problem please contact us. Thank you in advance!


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    Re: cli/c++ project scan error


    How was the application/project created in AppScan Source? For example, manually created, imported visual studio solution, created through ouncemake, etc