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Pinned topic AAA Caching

‏2013-04-30T01:30:54Z |

We are planning to use AAA (No Authentication, LDAP Authorization, No Post Processing/Auditing).

As part of Authorization, we are using Custom XSL method which internally call ldap-search method for LDAP authorization. 

Question I wanted to ask related to Caching. Is results of "ldap-search" within AAA cached? I read about Caching in AAA help. It says it does create unique key in cache on the basis of "credential-resource" pair and later search that in cache.

Will AAA cache custom XSL "ldap-search" results as well?


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    Re: AAA Caching

    ‏2013-04-30T03:56:11Z  in response to Rohit-Goyal


    Short answer is yes, AAA will cache result of custom template as well. You can test it yourself as follows:

    1. Create a Service (MPG or WSP that uses your custom XSL for authorisation.

    2. Increase the cache time to 30 seconds.

    3. Fire a couple of request a couple of times. and check the AAA execution in probe.


    I did a quick test and following are my results:

    First Time execution:


    1 transform local:///ondisk/services/CustomAAA_PoC/Authenicate.xsl (show nodeset) xml-parse (empty nodeset)  
    2 transform local:///ondisk/services/CustomAAA_PoC/MapAU.xsl (show nodeset) xml-parse (show nodeset)  
    3 ldap-search   (show nodeset) xml-parse (show nodeset)  
    4 transform local:///ondisk/services/CustomAAA_PoC/Authorise.xsl (show nodeset) xml-parse (show nodeset)


    Second Time execute:


    transform local:///ondisk/services/CustomAAA_PoC/MapAU.xsl (show nodeset) xml-parse (show nodeset)


    You can see that second time there is no call to LDAP for search and it picks up the results from cache.


    Hope this helps!