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Pinned topic WASCE Admin info From Java File

‏2011-10-25T03:39:29Z |
Hi All,
In my present development I am using WASCE as Application Server. My Problem is that as per the project requirement I need add one Server Admin panel in the application. Using that user can start/Stop the server, can check the memory usage , can see the Server Log all those things. Actually its not the total Admin console but some part of it. Is there any option in WASCE server(API or anything, any built in  OSGi in WASCE) by using that I can get those information from my java file. I am not much worried of start/stop issue, I can do that by calling the bat file from the java file, but what should I do for Memory Usage issue and the server log issue?

Is there any option to get those admin information from Server to a java file , please help out or any one have any idea or suggestion. I know calling the batch file as system command form Java file is not a good option.I want to improve that process also, but till now I did not found any thing good than that.
The application will run in Linux environment also.
Application Type : Eclipse RCP + WASCE Server
Thanks a lot in advance...