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Pinned topic "CRMAP7007 Error reading local file area registry"

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Hi All,

I'm trying to assist a developer who get the below error message when he tries to connect to CCRC.

"CRMAP7007 Error reading local file area registry"

I've no idea abt this error message. Can someone pls help me with this? Thanks in advance.






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    Re: "CRMAP7007 Error reading local file area registry"


    To get a better idea of why the error is thrown you can look in the workspace log file.  This filre is by default <user home>\.Rational\workspace\.metadata\.log

    You can also launch CTE in debug mode by creating a .options file in the directory that he executable is in.  The content of that file should be as below:

    # -------------- CCRC Tracing Options File -----------------
    # All line preceeded with a # sign are not evaluated.

    # ------Server Tracing-------
    # subsystems available:
    # CCRC - Core general tracing related to CCRC server operations
    # CCWEB- CCWeb(CGI operations)
    # SUM -  UCM specific

    # ------Client Only Tracing-------
    # Parameters available:
    # HTTP_CLIENT - Tracing specific to HTTP communications
    # CTRC_UI -     Tracing specific to the user interface
    # CTRC_CORE -   For client core tracing CTRC_UI:3 CTRC_CORE:3
    # -------------- END CCRC Tracing Options File -----------------

    With that file created, launch CTE from the command line using the -debug option:
    C:\Program Files\IBM\RationalSDLC\ClearCase\RemoteClient>ctexplorer.exe -debug

    The contents of C:\temp\cte_debug.out should be helpful in determining the cause of the failure.  This is also explained in a bit outdated, yet still relevant technote here: