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We have a custom tool menu in standard PIM.

It takes the entries in the custom tools script and lists them. We have put 00 - etc, 01 - next option, 02 - next option etc and they all get listed in one long drop down list.

Our designer would like to have it with sub menus so that there are less options in the list but when you click on one off the options you get more sub menu options. Can PIM standard (new look and feel) do this?




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    Re: Custom tool menu indented


    That is a great question. There are 2 ways of think about it:
    1. You create a new tool and place it under a sub menu say "Custom Tools" > "01 - next option" > "New Tool"

    2. You design your solution in such a way that the menu under "Custom Tools" is not cluttered.


    I believe the second is our main goal and first is just the most convenient way of doing so. Unfortunately, I do not think the first can be achieved i.e. placing a new tool under a sub menu. The placement of new tools is not configurable and they will show up under "Custom Tools" by default. You can confirm by opening a PMR and if it is so, you can request an enhancement request.

    But the second is not only probably but a lot of deployments have it set up this way. A custom tool is basically a way to give clients a way to run their own code via WPC code or JSP. You can create a custom tool upon clicking which you get a screen or a pop-up which has various other selections available. Depending on where the users click, they can be sent to different screens. That is to say that the options under "Custom Tools" menu are not not tools themselves but just a collection of the custom tools e.g. under "Custom Tools" menu, you have options like "Related to User", "Related to Reports", "Related to items", etc. When the users click on one of these, they are sent to a screen which contains the actual custom tools which fit into the categories of user, reports, items etc. Since you can just about anything with jsp scripts, so you can design a solution as per your business need.