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‏2014-06-26T14:23:44Z |

It's all change with the IBM WebSphere TX XML Schema importer (Xerces) with regard to date fields.

It used to import as '{CCYY-MM-DD}' and then this was changed, due to APAR PM12561, to '{CCYY-MM-DD}{[HH24MMSS[]]+/-ZZ:ZZ}'.

This has proved problematic, when mapping directly from fields defined as datetime, as the time comes across, and produces invalid XML:


With APAR PI20774, the format will be imported as '{CCYY-MM-DD}{[+/-ZZ:ZZ]}'.  Bear in mind that this format CANNOT be entered in the GUI, so it is advisable not to edit the properties of this object in the Typetree after import.


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