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Pinned topic ESXi or Ubuntu Linux on IBM Power 520

‏2012-05-16T16:37:05Z |
Hi all. 
Let me start by sating that I'm completely new into IBM servers, so there are a lot of concepts that i don't even heard about.
I "inherited" an almost new  IBM Power 520 server, in my company, and it was never used, and i want to give it a real and decent use, so as i don't need it as an i system server, i decided to install on it an ESXi or an Ubuntu Server Linux.
As soon as i started loking at the server, i came across a basic problem: there is no VGA port... but as i saw several network ports with different names, i thought some of them could be some king of an iLOM or iLO (from SUN and HP servers), that i could access from a remote PC, and do all the management of the server.
I got some books, and they all refer HMC, that as far as i understood, it's a physical console, used to manage this kind of servers.
My questions are: 
- This HMC is a software? Can i install it in any PC with Windows or something elselike? 
- Is this HMC mandatory to install a operating system in this server? 
What's the best way to install this server without any costs? 
Does anyone knows of any "IBM Server install for Dummies" like website or PDF book that can help me?
Thanks a lot in advance. 

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    Re: ESXi or Ubuntu Linux on IBM Power 520

    Hi Bruno, 
        The HMC is a Hardware Management Console.  This is a hardware + software device.   Many (but not all) power systems are managed by one of these.  Physically they look an awful lot like a PC or rack-mount server, but they are running a special software load used to manage the server.   You won't be able to simulate the HMC function on anything other than an actual HMC.
      A HMC is not mandatory unless you are doing Logical Partitions (LPARS), etc on the server.  I do recommend using one if possible though, as without an HMC or a graphics adapter, your console access may be a bit awkward.
    The document here is probably a good one that can give you some insight into the concepts.  This includes some pictures and dialog on the ports you are seeing on the box.   This refers to OpenPower systems, but most of the concepts should apply to the system you have.
    You did refer to " i system server" in your post, so before doing too much work on it, it would be worth verifying which model/type of system you actually have, (9111-520 or 9405-520, or similar..)  and verifying that it has the CoD option for RPA (Linux) partition support enabled in firmware.  (This is done via ASM, it will make more sense after reading over the 4c92.pdf referenced above).
    For Operating systems, you will be limited to ppc/ppc64 server versions of Red Hat, Fedora, or SuSE.     Vmware / ESXi will not be a candidate for this hardware.  Nor will any of the Ubuntu flavors.
     Hope this is helpful, and you are welcome and encouraged to post more questions as you have them.  :-)
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