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Pinned topic Change page layout without redefining footer

‏2013-06-18T08:07:53Z |

I have a complex export using 3 modules and 3 templates and the footer is complex to build with multiple field codes.

I need to change page layout (landscape/portrait) several times during export.

This is OK if I redefine the footer (landscape and protrait) in each template.

Is it possible to change page layout only without redefining the footer as a separate masterpage twice in each template?

  • Dragos.Cojocari
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    Re: Change page layout without redefining footer


    Hey Sean,


    RPE should allow you to do that. Define the heade/footer in one template ( the first in your docspec) and in the other templates define the masterpages to change the orientation but for the header/footer check the "same as previous" flag in the properties.