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Pinned topic Filtering computers by property from analysis no longer relevant

‏2013-10-09T18:32:30Z |

I created an analysis which is only applicable if a file exist.  There is one property to this analysis which returns line 1 of that file.  This file get's created and deleted occasionally, so computers will become relevant, report data and eventully become not relevant.  I would like to filter by this property within web reports, to generate an automated report, but I'm seeing inconsistant results

Within the console from the analysis view there are 2 computers relevant, both computers are returning results for the property.

Within webreports from explore data after I add that property as a column and sort by it I see the same 2 computers.

Within webreports from explore data when I filter by that property contains "yes" 113 computers are returned (even though the property shows "<not reported>" for all, but the 3).

Within the console from the computers view if I add that property as a column and sort by it I see the 113 computers with values (even though they are no longer applicable to the analysis).


So, I'm confused on what's going on here.  It seams if a computer is no longer applicable to an analysis it will retain the last known status of the property(s) somewhere.  This seams like a bug to me, has anyone else seen simular behavior?  I know I could just leave the analysis applicable to all computers to get around this, but I shouldn't have to...