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‏2014-05-28T19:02:29Z | custom report-excel-xml

Hello.  Am trying to verify whether or not IEM (BigFix) can generate the following report:

I have 60 Domino servers, and over 3000 mail-in databases.  What I'd like to retrieve from the OS is the on-disk file size (the physical size) for each of the mailboxes.  Is that something that IEM can be instructed to do, and generate a CSV file as output?  I've been told that it cannot do this.

Thanks for going easy on me; I'm very new to all of this.

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    Re: Can this be done using BigFix (IEM)?



    This seems like something BigFix/IEM could do, but I can't be completely certain without some details.

    are the mailboxes stored in a file? If so the size could be checked with relevance.

    How would you check the size using either the command line or a GUI?