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how can i export a Document with the annotation on it and save it as 1 TIFF via API ?




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    Hi, the content and annotation(s) are two elements stored independently and rendered in the viewer.  The viewer API does have java methods to print and possibly save where you can get the TIF and anno's on one document.  If you have a multi content document object, that is where five pages are stored as five content elements the coding to save with annos will be much more complicated.  It might be simpler to create some code to obtain content, merge the pages and recreate simple annotations directly onto the document (embed).  PDF sdk's make this process simpler, also you will need to convert the TEXT property of the anno from hex Unicode to string.

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    Usually, when we are reading and viewing document file, such as PDF with Adober reader or any other pdf document viewer, we want to highlight the interesting or important information we read with a notice, which we call annotation. As long as the document reader supports adding and creating annotation on document page, you can draw a defined annotation. After this, we can save current document page with the created annotation together in local file or seperately.