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Let's imagine following situation:

I'm trying to monitoring activity on my web-site. I want to know behaviour of customers on site and recommend something to them based on these knowledge (using SPSS).

As I understood, it's easy to implement. We can create simple script on python or javascript and send web-events via tcp (for example, count of clicks, mouse position or another). Also we create TCPSource operator and working with messages. Or am I wrong?
But it is for simple web-sites. And what about portals? What is the best way to do it? What is the best practice of click-stream analysis?


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    Re: Click-stream analysis


    This thread discusses methods for gathering web server log data:


    Once you have the data then you can parse it prior to passing it to your SPSS scoring operator.

    In the past I have done parsing with simple SPL code within a Custom operator, but you could probably also use similar SPL code within a Functor with a combination of a logic block and an output block.