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Pinned topic pop ups

‏2013-04-18T19:48:29Z |


I am trying to make real modal windows or div's using a custom popup component / widget in order to use it over default transformations...

The hats default popup widget is really ugly and isn't really a modal window, instead it is a styled table with drawn borders.

The problem with this is that hats is unable to recognize the components "behind" the green screen window once it appears.

i.e: a dropdown subfile is rendered as text, if a window gets in the way.

Is there any chance that HATS can provide a desent way of rendering windows and the components that are behind them in the near future??

What Im trying to acomplish right now is save the whole html in a gv in every post, and somehow in a custom widget, paste it inside a div and use another div to render the window component, but it's a waste of time and a real pain to do, not to mention the impact of performance as well due to the increase of  data sent.

Maybe im missing something I search the forums but found nothing.

anybody found this as a problem??



  • GerardoMG
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    Re: pop ups

    ‏2013-04-19T06:50:17Z  in response to P8GM_alejandro_amen

    That is actually what I do.
    Only I use a custom template and assign it in the screen customization for all screens that should be rendered as windows. I do this both for things that are windows in the terminal and sometimes on normal screens that contain little data and where it is useful to be able to see the data on the screen "behind".

    I had to overload the ms-function to populate my global variable just before submit. I also overload the ms-function to lock the screen and keyboard. So I was doing this anyway.

    The template is really simple. Just paste in the old HTML renaming the old form and variables. Add a semitransparent blanket and the div for the window with borders and so on. And then the HATS transformation in the div.

    To save some data I only populate the variable if there is a hidden input field for the global variable on screen. I manually add this field to all screens where I know there will be windows. Although there really is no noticeable performance impact as long as we are running on the intranet as we do.

    I really see no other way as HATS is only reading the terminal stream and there simply is no information behind the rendered window on the terminal. There may be a way of storing the HTML server side before posting. That would save some bandwidth. But then you would lose any dynamic changes done client side.

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    • P8GM_alejandro_amen
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      Re: pop ups

      ‏2013-04-19T14:56:23Z  in response to GerardoMG

      Many thanks Gerardo for your quick response,

      So, you did something like iam triying to do. I really think that HATS should have a better built in solution for this stuff in the future, windows are part of any rpg app so...

      thanks again.

      Waiting to see if HATS guys have this in cosideration fot future releases.