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Pinned topic Ear file Deployment on other OS - AIX

‏2013-06-12T12:52:55Z |

Is there any reason I cant deploy the EAR files and WAR files on an AIX Websphere deployment?


Just thought I'd ask before I tried it, hit problems and you all said "Yeah we could have told you that wouldn't work"

  • RickyHolcomb
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    Re: Ear file Deployment on other OS - AIX


    Hello Struan,

    We do not support AIX for the IBM Support Assistant  installation manager package or the all-in-one zip.  We have not tested installing just the EAR on AIX, but as long as its a supported version of WAS, it may work.  This would be considered an unsupported configuration at this time.  If you would like, I can open up an enhancement request for AIX to be considered as a installation type for IBM Support Assistant 5.0 in the future.


    Also if you do try the installation and are successful or not, I would like to hear about it. 



    Ricky Holcomb