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Pinned topic Copying Text from the HATS 3270 Transformed Screen

‏2013-05-12T20:31:14Z | 3270 hats host rdz screen transformation

Hi All,

I am currently accessing the mainframe dialogue manager applications(3270E) from RDz using HATS intergration through MenuManger. 

I tried selecting the text on the HATS 3270 transformed ISPF screen and could not. The use case I am trying to address is, with today's HCE/PCOMM emulators, the user can copy text/screen by selecting a screen area and be able to paste it in any text editor.

Is this something we could do from the transformed HATS screen? and How could we do that? I noticed there is a configuration in the project to transform by rows or fields or character. I was not sure if the character transformation will do what I want to.

Ravikanth Chavali


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