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Pinned topic Information Server Tech Talk - October 20, 2016

‏2016-09-28T17:22:53Z |

October 20, 2016

Time: 9:00 EST

Topic:  Virtual Table Feature


This presentation will provide a comprehensive overview of Virtual Table feature in Information Analyzer.  A Virtual Table is essentially a way to filter / limit the data from the source repository while performing IA Analysis like Column Analysis, Key Analysis, and Data Rules Analysis etc. The concept of Virtual Table is available from version 8.1 in IA workbench with quite a few limitations. A new type of Virtual Table called 'SQL Virtual Table' is introduced from 11.5 which eliminates all the limitations and allows users to define any complex SQL queries to filter the data during IA analysis. It also allows users to query exceptions directly from the source repository with the known queries. A SQL Virtual Table can be only defined using IA REST API / CLI at this moment. In this session, we will also see a demonstration of this feature.
Who should attend this session? - For all skill levels of current and prospective Information Analyzer users from both IT and line of business.
This topic will be presented by Suresh Tirumalasetti, Software Developer, Information Analyzer.  Suresh has extensive experience software development, customer support especially in Information Analyzer.  Suresh is located in Bangalore, India.


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