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Is the configuration process for enabling ARM on WAS for Transaction Tracking (TT) the same for Websphere Portal Server and Websphere Process Server? I see that ITCAM for AD supports all 3 types of server so in theory I could install the data collector and enable ARM but its not clear if this can be done without installing the DC for a portal server and a process server.



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    You'll need to install the DC, there is only one.  You want to enable TT on WAS, WAS portal and Process server. As far as ITCAM for AD is concerned the process is the same as we only have one DC and when you configure the DC you select which type of WebSphere you are configuring. Also, there is only one DC per WebSphere Server. So if you are installing the ITCAM DC and want to enable TT then during the configuration select the option to enable TTAPI.