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Hi ,

Open services for Life cycle Collaboration.

Is OSLC alternate to Lunch in context(LIC).  

Can i use this to integrate 3 party service Desk like ServiceNow




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    Re: OSLC


    It's not designed to replace Launch in Context. OSLC is a specification to enable integration between products in either a purely data form or even with a UI representation from a different product. Most products expose ways to integrate such as the Maximo REST web service API but they're typically proprietary in nature which makes it harder to integrate products (you need to understand how each provider works to integrate the two).

    The biggest downside to the OSLC standard is that aside from IBM, there isn't another major software company in that space that I'm aware of. If you check the list of software that is compatible( most depend on an adapter (Kovair Omnibus Integration). Their SDK for .NET is also in the very primitive stages (doesn't support creating a OSLC provider and depends on 5 other libraries) with little activity so I don't expect the project to last much longer. By restricting the developers who can implement the technology I don't know how far I see it going but I have seen interesting things IBM has done with their own products, in particular their utilization of OSLC for their mobile apps based on Worklight.

    Long answer but I wanted to provide context other than "OSLC is designed for integrations whereas Launch in Context is designed for opening a URL or executing a cmd"