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Pinned topic TBSM failover and LDAP

‏2014-05-26T08:39:54Z |

Hi all,

What should be done first i.e. LDAP configuration or Fail Over configuration?

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    Re: TBSM failover and LDAP



    Since separate TBSM servers are first installed and then configured as a failover pair, I would recommend to go ahead and set up the user registry (LDAP in your case) for each server that will be in the failover configuration. Then you can run the failover steps to complete the failover configuration.

    Having said that, there is no dependence on the order here. Ultimately when configuring LDAP as the user registry you will have to update each Dashboard server and each Data server in the failover configuration.

    You will need to avoid scenarios where you have a mixture of servers, some configured for LDAP, and some not yet configured for LDAP. But this is less about failover than it is about communication between the TBSM Dashboard and Data servers.

    I hope that helps...


    Randy Brown