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Pinned topic GPFS ILM policies with Directories

‏2013-06-18T19:02:08Z |

Hi All

I will need some help, we are having GPFS FS with one pool (system) + External Pool - TSM HSM.
I will need to create ILM migration + deletion policies with the following rules:

1. If the disk (System) is over 80% full, move files to tape until 60% utilization, based on the following criteria:
    LRU (Last Recently Used) && Only files which size is > 10M.
    But the migration will be in Directory level - not files.

2. If the Tape (External) is over 80% full, delete Directories from HSM until 70% utilization by the following criteria:
    LRU (Last Recently Used) && Create Date (Delete the oldest first) && Name includes strings "one/two/three"

Please advise how i can migration directories ... and also check the status of the HSM % capacity used