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‏2013-08-29T13:20:35Z | export import mainframe offload

Hi folks

For starters am developer rather than DBA and in past have cobbled together some mainframe and PC based tools  which am hoping DataStudio can do in one fell swoop.

Currently :

1. use DB2 v6 for Windows >Command Window to run a PC rexx to prompt for data values from user and ftp sql to mainframe

2. run REXX/CLIST in TSO on mainframe to get data f(run sql) rom  test region and convert into delimited format

3. use DB2 v6 for Windows > Command Window to import expanded packed decimal / delimited data into UDB

It works fine but as we are now moving onto Datastudio am hoping that from within it we would be able to export from mianframe DB2 and import into DB2 on PC.

Is this possible to do in a single script in Datastudio ideally one which can prompt user for values etc ?

We have req to do same extract / import process for 70+ tables hence script is better than user doing manually via  GUI..

At moment we import via cmd 'import from xxx of del modified by chardel; implieddecimal etc'  

Any help greatfully received as totally new to datastudio



 *** Should point out we are talking low volume extract i.e single rows from multiple tables being extracted and loaded into UDB ***


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