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‏2014-06-06T21:55:29Z | amqp rabbitmq

Anyone able to integrate XI52 with RabbitMQ , i understand DP supports only IBM MQ,WebSphere JMS OOB and DP currently does not support AMQP protocol. Not sure if it is possible to integrate using RabbitMQ REST client .Any advice appreciated .

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    Re: DataPower XI52 and RabbitMQ



    I am not sure about RabbitMQ (I have never used it) but I have built a a bridge for ActiveMQ REST and I guess it is pretty much the same...

    DataPower currently only supports WebSphere JMS (with WAS as bus).

    Look into firmware 7 (GA 13th of June) and see if Node.js and GaewayScript might help you...



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    Re: DataPower XI52 and RabbitMQ


    Anders, can you share more info about this ActiveMQ REST bridge?


    I'm long been pressing IBM to add support for AMQP, and it looks like now MQ will, so I will press them again to add this to Datapower. In the meantime, I'm interested to see what functionality you've acheived. Are you just dropping messages into a target queue, or do you have any transaction/retry integration with the ActiveMQ?


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