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Pinned topic Send Test Event option for Service Instances

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Dear all,

I'm wondering what exactly are the conditions under which the "Send Test Event" option is made available for a service instance. I thought it was bound to the fact that one of the templates used by the service instance should have an Incoming Status Rule. But I've created service instances which do not have the "Send Test Event" option even though an Incoming Status Rule is associcated with one of the templates. Anyone able to specify these conditions?

As a side note, I also noticed that when using the "Send Test Event" option on a TIP session with IE 9 on Windows 7, the "Send" and "Cancel" button are not visible and the "Send Test Event" window is extended to the bottom of the screen where these 2 buttons disappear below the lower boundary of the TIP console. It is not possible to "x" this window or <TAB> between the fields of the "Send Test Even" window, or do anything else in this TIP session. Effectively this hangs up the TBSM Dashboard session, where I have to close the browser session before being able to do anything again in the GUI. I've tried using the "Send Test Even" option on FireFox v24 and this problem with "Send Test Event" does not occur there.

All help greatly appreciated

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    Re: Send Test Event option for Service Instances



    From my trial and error, it appears the following conditions apply:

    1. There must be an incoming status rule on the primary template
    2. The incoming status rule must have "ObjectServer" for the value of "Data Feed", which is specified in the rule definition.

    This makes sense as the "Send Test Event" just generates an event for the object server. There is no equivalent test function for when the rule is based on a data fetcher. Perhaps that is the issue?

    I should note that there appears to be a problem with the function when I tried a primary template that had more than one incoming status rule and one or more of the rules were based on data fetchers instead of the object server. In this case the function was enabled on the right click menu, but the dialog was confused and prompted me for fields from the rule that was based on the data fetcher. So this will not work.

    Hopefully, since this function is provided as a convenience for testing, it will not be too restrictive to provide only object server based rules on the primary template. Also note that you can use the utility "rad_sendevent" on the TBSM data server to send test events via the object server.

    Sorry, I have no suggestion regarding the browser issue.



    Randy Brown