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‏2013-08-30T13:05:26Z |

I read in the white paper in this forum that customization thru ITM plain file editing isnot supported.

But WRT agent strongly rely on customization (when possible from the itmcmd config dialog, else from file editing).

Just an example: by default the agent listen only http, port 80. No other port, no https.

Probably HTTPS HAS to be supported, else this agent is totally useless in production env (never seen HTTP in production).

Also agent scalability is an important topic, and again in production often requires tuning via config files

I think we should document and support the most important customization step taken from command line, editing property files


Enrico Vannini

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    Re: web response time customization


    HTTPS was disabled in 1.1 because of some problems in one of the agent components.  That is fixed now and we have a story on the books to re-enable it.