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Pinned topic MQReply Node Exception

‏2013-04-22T05:52:10Z | mqreply

Dear All,

I am getting the parsing exception while passing the message in the MQReply node.

In the ESQL I have set the value like:-

SET OutputRoot.MQMD.ReplyToQ='QueueName';

SET OutputRoot.MQMD.ReplyToQMgr='QMGR';

SET OutputRoot.MQMD.Format='MQMD';

I am getting a parse exception. Am i doing anything wrong. where I am missing?  Please help me out?


Kind Regards,


  • fjb_saper
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    Re: MQReply Node Exception


    The format in the MQMD is supposed to describe the next part of the data. Not the MQMD.... Do you really have an MQMD following an MQMD?