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In the current module i have objects out-linked to objects that are in the baselines of another module.

with my code  i have to find the value of the attribute "TIS ID" of the target object (in the BL) and the baselines information of the target module.

I can get the target object ( o_trg= target l) but when i try it, the code give me an error

null Object parameter was passed into argument position 1
-I- DXL: execution halted



Module mCurr = current
print fullName mCurr "\n\n"
Object o, o_trg
Link l
Module mTrg
ModName_ trgModRef
ModuleVersion mv
Baseline bl
for o in mCurr do {
print "ID: " o."TIS ID" "\n"
    for l in all o->"*" do {

        trgModRef= target l
        print fullName trgModRef "\n"
        mv=targetVersion l

        print "BL: " major bl "." minor bl " - "suffix bl "\n"
        o_trg= target l
        print "ID trg: " o_trg."TIS ID" "\n"





i am sorry i don't know the tag for the code

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    Re: Link to Baseline


    solved :-)

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    Re: Link to Baseline


    Yes, you cannot get the target object Handle unless the target module is open.  You need

    • load(mv)